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Are we really “living Christians” or are we merely professed Christians? Are we actually experiencing the saving gospel or do we merely have an intellectual assent to it? Are we so distracted in spiritual issues that we will be found among the foolish virgins, instead of the wise virgins? Can we practically enter into a daily, living experience in Christ Jesus each moment of each day?

Why are so many Christian marriages and families falling apart today? Are there some practical solutions that will restore our marriages and families? Does God take a close personal interest in my daily affairs and will He make His will known to me? How do I slow down and redeem my time? These questions will be answered in this series on practical Christianity.

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Message Titles:
Disc 1: The Myth
Disc 2: Ready for the Hour Yet Unprepared
Disc 3: Eagle’s Wings
Disc 4: A Faith that Works
Disc 5: Speak Lord
Disc 6: Less is More