Christ All and In All – Audio


Is my Christian experience church centered, issue centered, reform centered, or truly Christ centered? How is it that we are to abide in Christ?

Have I come to understand that my greatest enemy is self? How is it that I am to walk in the power of the Spirit and not give way to the flesh? Does irritation and frustration control you? You can find deliverance in a surrendered life and dependence in Christ. All of these questions will be addressed and answered from the personal experience of the speakers.

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Message Titles:
Disc 1: Abide in Me – Jim
Disc 2: Who Am I? – Jim
Disc 3: Taking Hold of Jesus – Jim
Disc 4: Yoking Up With Christ – Sally
Disc 5: Jesus and Something Else – Jim
Disc 6: I Will Not Let Thee Go – Jim