Come to the Quiet – Book


Driving to his office in rush hour traffic, gagging on the exhaust from a bus in front of him, Jim Hohnberger longed for quiet. The treadmill of life was exacting a toll on Jim’s mind, body, and family that had reached unacceptable levels.

A pristine valley encompassing nearly 1,600 square miles of unspoiled Montana and Canadian wilderness provided the quiet the Hohnberger’s sought. But it also proved to be a testing ground for their newfound determination to walk with God and restore their relationships with each other.

Several years after writing about his family’s move to the wilderness in Escape to God, Jim Hohnberger realized there was more to tell. Scores of people who have read his books and listened to his talks have wondered how they could escape the treadmill and find what the Hohnberger’s found. In response, Jim has written Come to the Quiet- a book that calls for a change of heart and focus, more than just a change of address.

Don’t be fooled. Come to the Quiet is not about salvation by country living. Rather, it is a book about reordering priorities and turning down the volume of busyness, bustle and hurry so we can connect with God and our families in a way that makes us truly come alive. Along the way are plenty of humorous and touching stories not told in his previous books, of trials and tribulations this real-life wilderness family endured to secure a lifestyle they believed God called them to experience.

Not everyone is called to retreat to the mountains to find God, but all of us, in our own way, must find the quietness of God’s presence. If that’s what you’re longing for, you’ve come to the right place.



Chapter Titles:
1. Off the Treadmill
2. Downsizing
3. Multitude to the Mountain
4. Why Me, Lord
5. In Thy Shadow
6. We Are family
7. A Simple Life
8. Mister Half Days
9. Living the Wild Life
10. I Lift Up My Voice
11. The Big Blow-Up
12. Trial by Fire
13. Embers
14. Frustration
15. Reflections