Come to the Quiet – Video


Driving to his office in rush-hour traffic, gagging on the exhaust from a bus in front of him, Jim Hohnberger longed for quiet. The treadmill of life was exacting a tool on Jim’s mind, body and family that had reached unacceptable levels.

Scores of people who have read his books and listened to his talks have wondered how they could escape the treadmill and find what the Hohnberger’s found. In response, Jim has produced Come to the Quiet in a book, audio CD series, and visual DVD set that calls for a change of heart and focus, more than just a change of address.

Don’t be fooled. Come to the Quiet is not about salvation by country living. Rather, it’s about reordering priorities and turning down the volume of busyness, hustle and hurry so we can connect with God and our families in a way that makes us truly come alive.


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Message Titles:
Disc 1: Come to the Quiet
Disc 2: We Are Family
Disc 3: In Thy Shadow
Disc 4: Trial By Fire
Disc 5: I Lift Up My Voice