Empowered Living – Book


Is the life you lead in secret, behind closed doors, inconsistent with the public religion you profess? Are there certain things you just can’t stop doing? Have you struggled with sins that are not socially acceptable? Would your friends be shocked if they knew what you were really like or if they knew what you’ve read, watched, or said? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then you are ready for what this album has to say.

Empowered Living- give the story of other people just like you and me, who, by sharing their stories, make us suddenly aware that we aren’t the only ones who are struggling. With relief, we realize that we don’t have to play the game- anymore. We don’t have to paint on the smiles that hide the grinding pain of failure. No more pretending, no more secret lives, and no more worrying about scandal if anyone knew.

Empowered Living- provides our tired eyes a vision of hope by following the lives of these once powerless people and showing how they, and hence we, can become empowered. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and you’ll be challenged to the depths of your being. Then if you decide you want to . . . for the first time ever, you can experience life as God designed it to be – Empowered!


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Chapter Titles:
Part 1. Empowered Life
1. Batteries Not Included
2. Crossing Over
3. Attached and Receiving
4. Less Attempted, More

Part 2. Empowered Marriage
5. Lost and Found
6. Kindling the Flame
7. Swing Time
8. Removing the Thorns

Part 3. Empowered Family
9. Independent Atoms
10. Time to Be a Family
11. The Family Firm
12. Family Councils
13. Failure Is Not an Option

Appendix 1. Recommended Book List
Appendix 2. Time Management and Schedules