Escape to God (1st Edition) – Book


Jim and Sally Hohnberger are young, educated, owners of a successful business, a beautiful home, expensive vehicles, and had a great reputation in their church. But underneath the veneer of success, Jim’s life was busied, pushed, and stressed. His marriage was stale, his Christian experience was superficial, and he didn’t know his children.

Convinced that the pursuit of the “American Dream: was robbing them of an authentic way with God, the Hohnberger sold everything and set off for the Montana wilderness in search of an “Enoch experience.” What this family found former changed their lives. And yours could be next!

The book you hold in your hand is more than an interesting story. Much more! It is not an exaggeration to say that the concepts presented in Escape to God are revolutionary. The principle of souls-surrender will inspire and challenge you to the very core of your being. But if you’re hungry for authentic Christian living and desperate for God to do a new thing in your life, you’re ready for what this book has to say.

Must you sell everything and move to Montana in order to find what the Hohnberger found? No! But as you take the experiences presented here and make them your own, you will learn to walk in God’s presence and develop a willingness to obey His voice no matter where you live. Through Jim and Sally’s experience, you will learn how less is more, how to make time for God and your family, and how to live every day, hour, and moment to the glory of God.

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Chapter Titles
1 The Glorious Pursuit
2.  Religion—Is it Enough?
3 A Life of Simplicity
4 A Bundle of Choices
5 Where You Are—God Is
6 Seeing Him Who Is Invisible
7 Selective Hearing
8 Our Greatest Enemy
9 Do You Really Believe?
10 God All in All
11 The Fourth Pivotal Point
12 The Hesitant One
13 The Last Great Step