Escape to God (2nd Edition) – Video


A sizeable income that most envy, leadership roles in your church and community, family, friends, and a beautiful home…the American dream–quickly becoming your worst nightmare! Financial stress, social pressures, and the never-ending anxiety of life… Looking like good Christians, but powerless and miserable behind closed doors.

In search of authentic Christianity, Jim Hohnberger and his family found the restorative power of God’s love. As a result, the Hohnbergers have helped others remove life’s draining distractions, and countless lives have been transformed.

The concepts presented in this Escape to God CD series will help you learn how to live every day, hour and moment to the glory of God. They will challenge and inspire you to put aside the card-punching religion of “Churchianity” and experience the indescribable peace and empowerment God intended for His people.

If you are fed up with going through the motions, dive into an intimate fellowship with the Creator. Are you ready to escape to God?


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Message Titles:
Disc 1: Religion – Is it Enough?
Disc 2: Returning to God
Disc 3: A Bundle of Choices
Disc 4: Selective Hearing
Disk 5: Do You Really Believe?
Disk 6: The Pivotal Point