Facing Frenemy Fire – Audio


Have you ever been wounded by a friend, relative, or church member? The words loyalty, integrity, and transparency once characterized the bedrock of society. Now such traits are deemed optional far too often. Politicians belligerently hurl sarcastic digs and openly undermine any who stand in their way to prominence and power. Their uncivil “civil wars” weary the American voter.

Unfortunately, these “civil wars” don’t stop with government politics. They invade every kind of human relationship–even those in God’s church. While often wearing the facade of a friendly face, these behind-the-back attackers wreak havoc among us.

Most of us will experience frenemy fire at some point. But what do we do with it? How do we cope with the rejection, hurt, anger, and confusion? Jim shares from his own personal experience to help you and others not only survive such an ordeal, but with God’s help to thrive! Sound impossible? These four clarion messages will lead you step by step closer to the One “who was wounded in the house of His friends”

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Message Titles:
Disc 1: Facing Frenemy Fire
Disc 2: Courageous Conversations
Disc 3: Peace Amidst Your Storm
Disc 4: Y.A.C. Yards