God our Helper – Video


Many of us Wrestle with our emotions driving us in the opposite direction than God wants us to go. How do we deal with our emotions in order to serve God and right? First we must see that our emotions are one of the other gods that God does not want us to serve. Second we must see that God is Bigger than our emotions and He can Subdue all the wrong by His Divine Power attending our efforts to Believe, Trust, & Obey God instead of our emotions. In this way God can recreate them into His image. Our cooperation with God is an important key that unlocks us from the prison of obeying our feelings and emotions.

We can serve God and not our wrong emotions. As instruments in God’s hands showing how to live the Branch In the Vine we have a powerful influence in our home with our spouse and our family that is very far reaching far beyond our family. Child rearing takes on a totally new perspective under God in this way. This new life awaits our cooperation.

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Message Titles

Message 1: Dealing With Our Emotions
Message 2: The Power of a Woman’s Influence
Message 3: Spiritual Parenting