God Our Reality – Video


Tired of mere Religion Only?

Do you desire God’s Sovereignty over your entire life?

Do you want God as your Reality and not your circumstances?

Then this new series, “God Our Reality” will ground you in the fact that God and God alone is enough for all our needs. This is the lesson that all our present “SHAKINGS” are trying to bring us to. Let God become YOUR REALITY; not your present circumstances. Let God open your eyes to the absolute utter all-sufficiency that God IS Enough and will carry you through.


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Message Titles:

Message 1: Drowning In Trouble
Message 2: God Calling
Message 3: When God Seems Silent
Message 4: I Will Comfort You
Message 5: God and God Alone
Message 6: My God, In HIM Will I Trust
Message 7: A Focused Life