Homeschooling Simplified – Audio


The homeschooling trend is growing at a furious pace. Parents are choosing to train their children up in the way they should go. But there are so many options. So many resources. So many curriculums choices. So many activities. It’s easy to get confused and frustrated. Before long, the temptation to give up creeps in.

Thousands of homeschooling families are getting bogged down in the details and missing the bigger picture. If you are one of them, this album is for you

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Message Titles

Msg 1: Our testimony
Msg 2: Defining true education
Msg 3: Not saved by curriculum
Msg 4: God as the Principal
Msg 5:
Msg 6: Little helpmates
Msg 7: Simplifying Overload syndrome
Msg 8: Failure is not an option