How to Live With a Difficult Man – Book




“Where is that irresistible marriage that endures all things that I signed up for and was sure I had?”

Many a woman struggles in her relationship, when her man is not under God and acts selfish, self-centered, controlling, shutting down talks or solutions, and blames his woman for the problem at hand. Or her difficult man can be withdrawn, depressed, stops communicating, checks out, attacks, or refuses to provide for his family. What recourse does the woman have when this is her reality?

This book delivers seven practical, easy to understand and apply solutions, you can choose to apply and begin experiencing peace within, once again, even if your “difficult man” is not interested to join you. If he joins you, all the better. You will embrace these solutions because they work.

Chapter Titles

1 How to Live With a Difficult Man

2 The Strong Man

3 The Milder Man

4 Christ My Heavenly Husband – Solution 1

5 Freedom From Destructive Emotions – Solution 2

6 Freedom From Despairing & Fearful Emotions – Solution 3

7 Is God the One in Charge? – Solution 4

8 What is Character?

9 Submitting to God 1st—my Husband 2nd – Solution 5

10 Christ Our Source of Love – Solution 6

11 Intercessory Prayer – Solution 7

12 Going up to Possess the Promised Land