Living on the Edge – Video


Jim Hohnberger was a man with a purpose. Relentlessly he pursued the American Dream-wealth, possessions, status. But just as he was grasping that Dream, he discovered it was a mirage. It left him perplexed and unfulfilled. His marriage was stale, he didn’t know his children-his life was busied, bushed and stressed.

Believing that there had to be a better way, he risked everything to find it. As a result, he found the secret for genuine satisfaction. His marriage has been revitalized and the spark is back! His family is tightly connected and his headaches have been exchanged for happiness.

Jim Hohnberger is still a man with a purpose. He is still relentlessly pursing a Dream-but his dream is coming true and it is no mirage!

Join him for an action-filled day in the shadow of Glacier National Park-canoeing a wild and scenic river, rappelling a vertical face, splashing over beaver dams, relaxing beside a campfire-as he shares how the simple secret he found can work for you.

Step into one man’s day-Enter into one man’s life. Discover for yourself the simple secret of “living on the edge”.

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Feature 1: Introduction to the Hohnberger’s
Feature 2: Living on the Edge
Feature 3: Our Resting Place-Preview