The Making of a Man – Audio


Everywhere we turn false portraits of manhood are being portrayed: in politics, business, entertainment, sports and even in religion. This series speaks loudly and frankly to these false portraits, then goes on to practically and decisively portray the portrait of a real man, a Godly Husband and a Godly Father, as God created him to be.

It calls men to be the Patriarchs, Priests, Providers, and Protectors of their families, making them a priority above everything else. Then it clearly illustrates how to carry this out in everyday life.

The Making of A Man- will open your eyes to how each of us have been wounding the hearts of our loved ones, and how we can help heal those wounds. Finally, it will show how to prioritize a busy, chaotic life so we have the time to order our lives, our marriages, and our families, after the order of Heaven!

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Message Titles:

Disc 1: Portrait of a Man
Disc 2: Portrait of a Godly Husband
Disc 3: Portrait of a Godly Father
Disc 4: Family First
Disc 5: Wounding Their Spirits
Disc 6: Jumbled Priorities