Marriage & Family – Audio


Every day, everywhere we look, marriages and families are crumbling. The attacks are heavy and the drain is real. Is there hope? We know there is. In this series you will find simple Biblical principles that, if followed, will revitalize your marriage and reconnect your family.

As a result of numerous requests, this new compilation brings together from the past series favorite messages that focus on empowering marriages and families. Follow the concepts outlined here for 30 days, and you will experience a rebinding of hearts – guaranteed!

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Message Titles

Disc 1: Let No Man Separate
Disc 2: Reasoning One With Another
Disc 3: Revitalizing Your Marriage
Disc 4: Swift to Hear, Slow to Speak, Slow to Wrath
Disc 5: Provoke Not, But Nurture & Admonish
Disc 6: Family Home Evenings