Mastering the Basics – Audio


Many Christians simply are not living the victorious life. Their life seems to be a story of continually giving way to irritation and frustration, feelings and emotions, appetites and passions. Why is this? Is there a simple solution? And if so, how do we apply it? Are there some practical steps that, if taken, will enhance the Christian walk? When applied, the practical principles in this series will aide you in bridging that chasm between being a “professed Christian” to a “living Christian”.

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Message Titles:

  1. Who Is the One?
  2. Carnal or Spiritual?
  3. My Lord and I
  4. My Agreement With God
  5. I Will Guide Thee
  6. The Last Great Step
  7. Help of the Helpless
  8. Letting Go
  9. Slow Down Christian
  10. Not I But Christ