Our Resting Place – Video


Our Resting Place- will take you from the treadmill pace the Hohnberger’s lived, to the simple life they found. You will enter into the principles behind a lifestyle that can revitalize your marriage, reconnect your family, and empower your walk with God.

Come and tour their home, garage, and greenhouse and discover that less is more and simpler is better. See for yourself that there is a better way of life awaiting you.

See with your own eyes the miracle of the Lord in sparing, Our Resting Place- from the ravages of the forest fire that was determined to take them out.

Be a witness to our first annual open house and hear the testimonies of those who are catching the vision of a walk with God that truly transforms one’s daily life and heart.

Meet our two sons and their wives. Hear them answer question after question through a moderator determined to find out whether the principles and lifestyle they lived will produce fruit worthy of your personal pursuit.

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Message 1: Tour of Hohnberger Home Open House
Message 2: Interview with Matthew, Angela, Andrew and Sarah Hohnberger (DVD and Downloadable 4 Hr Version)