Parenting Infants to Teens – Audio


Our infants, children and teens need to reach out to God and make a vital connection with Jesus in order that the Holy Spirit can have access and permission to transform their dispositions. We want our children to be obedient, helpful, happy, kind, and desire to do right.

But all too often we parents are without Christ, attempting to lead our children to the narrow way in harshness and anger or in sentimentalism and permissiveness of the human flesh. Friends, every such effort and method must fail. Have you experienced it?

To correct this, our children need a parent that is continually abiding in Christ, has a vital connection, has union and communion with Him, and is at that moment surrendered to do God’s will. The parent in this position then leads the child to a surrendered position before Christ, and the Holy Spirit can then transform his disposition.

This series is intended to make clear our part, parents, in cooperating with heaven that the miracle of a heart transformation is not only done in Christ, but is a daily matter in all circumstances of life. We need to keep our children under the influence of the Holy Spirit instead of under the influence of self and Satan.

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Message Titles:

Disc 1: God’s Parental Government
Disc 2: Training Our Infants
Disc 3: Moses’ Parental Government
Disc 4: Training Our Children
Disc 5: Eli’s Parental Government
Disc 6: Training Our Youth