Parenting Your Teen by The Spirit – Book




Help! I’m the parent of a teenager!

Help is on the way. If you are a teenager or have one in your home, you know the ups and downs, the joys and frustrations of an eaglet learning to fly!

No longer children, not yet adults, adolescents perch on the edge of the nest, scanning the horizon, testing the wind with wings outspread. Teens were meant to fly. Too often they crash on the rocks of peer pressure because of unmet needs. Is there anything a parent can do? Is there a way up for the floundering teen? Oh, yes there is! In Parenting Your Teen by the Spirit, Sally Hohnberger outlines the real needs of teenagers with the insight of one who has explored deep into their hearts with God as her Guide and Instructor. Drawing from her own experience as a mother and counselor , she shows-in very practical terms-how teens connect with Christ as their personal Flight Instructor to master the basic rudiments of successful flight. Whether you are a parent longing to see your teen become a winner in the sky of life or a teenager testing your wings, this book is for you!

As in her other books in this parenting series, you will not wade through mere theory or speculative rhetoric. Instead, you will meet real teens and real parents and-most importantly-a real God with answers for you! Parents, single parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, friends-and especially-teens themselves, can all apply these principles. Every teen has the potential to soar-by the Spirit!



Chapter Titles:
1. Unmet Needs
2. Meeting Needs
3. Abused Abby
4. History Plays A Part
5. Let Freedom Ring
6. Pre-requisites
7. Choosing Your Destiny
8. Lost in the Fog
9. From Governor to Counselor
10. Horse Training
11. Cool Jace
12. Love and Limits
13. Discipline
14. Useful Labor
15. The Wings of Decision
16. Training Youth’s Will
17. Exercising their Wings
18. Association
19. Boy-Girl Relationships
20. God is There for You