Successful Homeschooling – Audio


Schooling our children at home is becoming a necessity in this world of immorality, chaos, and a lowered standards. Many parents desire their children to have a higher quality of life than what the world has to offer. Homeschooling requires parental commitment to making children and home top priorities. As home school parents, we are called to have a genuine walk with God, academic skills, and experience in the practical duties of life.

This series shares some practical ideas on how to put your household on a schedule that includes not only your children’s academic activities, but also practical household duties. Children need to develop physically and academically, and also learn to be members of the family team. Only with God’s leading can we direct our children and bring them up to stand firm while others compromise.

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Message Titles:

Disc 1: Homeschool Overview
Disc 2: Mastering Our Basics
Disc 3: A Schedule and Motivation
Disc 4: Coordinating School, Work & Play
Disc 5: God Leading and Parents Directing
Disc 6: Association With Christ