The Indulgent Parent Delivered – Audio



Are you frustrated with raising your children? Do you feel hopeless in changing you child’s heart and will in the matter of doing right over their inclinations, feelings and selfish wants? Would you like some practical solutions?

This series on the ‘Indulgent Parent’ will help you to understand yourself and the balance you need in your own personal experience with Christ. Then how to implement the solution in order to have well ordered, well disciplined, Christ-centered children. This can only be accomplished by learning how to cooperate with that power outside of ourselves, which is Jesus Christ.

Many families, and even grandparents, after implementing the simple principles presented here have seen immediate and lasting results.

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Message Titles:

Disc 1: Habits
Disc 2: Discipline is Discipling
Disc 3: Understanding the Indulgent Parent
Disc 4: Principles in Overcoming Habits
Disc 5: My Will – How to Exercise It
Disc 6: My Child’s Will