Youth to Youth – Audio


Fellow Teenagers. Are you struggling with the practical implementation of the Christian walk? This series may speak to your heart in a way you haven’t ever heard before.

This six tape series was done by Matthew, age 17, and Andrew, age 15, to help other youth practically understand and implement the how to’s- of the Christian walk. They draw from their everyday life experience what it means to surrender their will and to trust in the saving power of Christ in order to bring true harmony into the home and into their own hearts.

Also included is a special seventy minute presentation on the principles of courtship and marriage. This presentation will help to give balance to the misunderstandings that most youth have today on this important subject.


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Message Titles:

Disc 1: True Honesty of the Heart – Matthew
Disc 2: Experiential Faith – Andrew
Disc 3: A Heritage of The Lord – Matthew
Disc 4: Taking Hold of Christ – Andrew
Disc 5: Walking in Christ – Matthew
Disc 6: Courtship & Marriage – Matthew