The Making of a Woman – Audio


There is no greater calling than that of a faithful wife and mother. It is the greatest work in the world that any woman can ever put her hand to. Yet how few understand the practical application on a day by day basis of that high calling in Christ Jesus.

In “The Making of a Woman” you will learn the practical “how-tos” of being the Helpmate, Companion, Team Member, Mother, Economist, and Organizer of your home. It will open your eyes, enlighten your mind, and practicalize your day. God will speak loudly and clearly so there will be no misunderstanding as to your duty, responsibility, and calling. He will also be by your side to empower you to live up to all He has called you to do.

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Message Titles:

Disc 1: Woman a Helpmate – Sally
Disc 2. Getting Organized – Sally
Disc 3. Woman a Companion – Sally
Disc 4. Scheduling My Life – Sally
Disc 5. Woman a Team Member – Sally
Disc 6. Portrait of a Godly Wife – Jim