A Wake-Up Call
"A Wake-Up Call! I need it. You need it. The world and the church needs it! This quarter’s newsletter will take you into the life and family of a precious friend and how he’s responding to his wake-up call.”
God Calling

As God blesses you and me, He calls us to bless others. He desires each of us to make a positive difference in this world - to live for the benefit of others and not just for ourselves.



God Calling
Many people live their lives as if God is not real. Amidst the treadmill of life and the clamor of a thousand voices, His still, small voice seems obliterated. This article is an excerpt from a sermon our son, Andrew, shared at the 2010 Open House. We believe that you will find it extremely practical and relevant to our day.
Is God Real to You?

God is Calling! He's calling to me and to you. But many people I talk with tell me they can't hear God speaking to them. If you are one of those who strugle to hear God, you will appreciate this quarter's article "God is Calling", which is an excerpt from Jim's new book, Come Walk With Me.

I Lift Up My Voice
We live in a world that is increasingly alienated from the Creator. Consequently, confusion, strife, and emptiness are on the rise. Truly, people need the Lord! God is calling us to lift up our voices and spread His life-changing gospel throughout this planet. That's why this quarter's article is entitled‚ "I Lift Up My Voice".


Grasping for the Wind

Have you ever tried to grab onto the wind? What a futile activity! And yet, many of us spend our entire lives doing just that—grasping the wind.

Irresistibly in Love
Irresistibly in love—that’s God’s design for marriage. And when God’s blueprint is understood and implemented, it does become reality. The article featured in this newsletter issue is an excerpt from the first chapter of Jim’s latest book, Irresistible.
How to Live With a Difficult Man

This month’s article sounds intriguing to me—and I’m a man! How much more if you are a woman! I must admit that every one of us men can be difficult to live with at times. Please note that these principles apply to living with a difficult woman as well.



Am I going to Die?
This article is an excerpt from chapter two of Facing Frenemy Fire. When frenemy fire hit Jim, these were four responses that he wrestled with. In which response do you see yourself?
The Parenting Pyramid
Ever been frustrated in parenting? Ever wanted some help getting your child to do the right thing for the right reason? Well, help is available—from the King of the universe! This month’s article—“The Parenting Pyramid”—will show you how to connect with that help and the difference it can make!
Help Wanted: Godly Parents
This quarter’s article, “Help Wanted: Godly Parents”, comes from our daughter-in-law, Sarah Hohnberger. How thrilled we are to see our son and his wife carrying on the work of spiritual parenting!
Entering Troubling Times
Are we entering troublesome times? If we are, are we ready? How do we prepare? In the article, Are You Ready, you will find some answers. Please read it, enter into it, and share it with others.


Do I have to Leave?
Empowered Living Camp Meeting is a life-changing event for all who attend and apply what they hear to their lives. Read how it worked for one family.
The WIngs of Descision
Get a little peek into Sally’s latest book: Parenting Your Teen by the Spirit. Join the Hohnberger’s on their first outing to the Boundary Waters and learn how you can exercise your wings of decision to overcome the gravity of the world, the flesh, and the devil.
Uncommon Courage
One definition of courage is the ability to face difficulty, uncertainty, or suffering without being deflected from a chosen course of action. This kind of courage is uncommon—yet it is what distinguishes all who walk with God.
Right Pew, Wrong Experience
Do you ever feel like you might be in the right pew, but you’re having the wrong experience behind closed doors? That’s how Remus and Marinela felt. Read this issue of Power for Living for the rest of the story.


A Legacy is Born

Escape to God has been printed in its second release by Thomas Nelson Publishers.  Get the details here and read about Matthew and Angela's experience in bringing in a new addition to the Hohnberger family.


Opportunities—they come to us every day. Every moment is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to serve either God or self. We can bless others or drain others. We can lift them up or we can pull them down.  Read this inspiring article to find out if you are making the most of your opportunities.

Living on the Edge

This month’s article gives you a feel for the story line of the DVD Living on the Edge. Jim shares in a friendly, non-preachy way how to walk with God—how to get off the edge of self and begin to live on the edge of His presence.

The Essence of Country Living

While not a solution to our problems, country living is a powerful tool to quiet down our lives that we may grasp a real, living connection with the God Who has all the solutions that we need. More than location, “The Essence of Country Living” defines what the experience is all about.


Challenge & Purpose

In this edition read, "Purpose and Challenge". A story of how Jim was called by God to write down in one sentence-the most important thing he was to do for the rest of his life.

Developing Character

Read an excerpt from Sally's latest book entitled "Parenting Your Child by the Spirit". In this issue of Power for Living. The article is called "Character Development", which all children and adults alike need to enter into God's Kingdom.

Why Do We Fail

Battling temptations and our self desires is difficult. Read in this edition of Power for Living why we fail and how we can over-come.

Rest in the Midst of Stress

Stress is an unavoidable part of living that God intends to work for our good while our enemy strives to use it for our destruction! This quarter’s article “Rest in the Midst of Stress” simplifies all stress management principles into one overriding formula that will work in any situation.


Going Up to the Mountain

It is Satan's purpose to constantly oppose our relationship with God. Separated from the Lord we lack wisdom, courage, and strength. In this issue we learn how to "go up the mountain" to commune with God.

Come to the Quiet

Read about Jim's new book, "Come to the Quiet" and Sally's, entitled "Parenting by the Spirit". Both are available under the Books & Audio menu.

Bubble Gum

“Bubble Gum”, a story you won’t want to miss. The article really isn’t about bubble gum, it's about finding power in Christ daily.

In Thy Shadow

Learning how to live within the very shadow of Jesus is the topic of this quarter’s article, “In Thy Shadow.”


It's about People

Get a glimpse of Jim Hohnberger's third best selling book "It's About People".

Jesus or Something Else

Read about how Christ is the Power to live out the life to which the scriptures point us. This article is a part of the series entitled " Christ All and in All

Trial by Fire

Read about Jim & Sally's close encounter in "Trial by Fire". This article also discusses two new booklets that are now available for sharing as well as "The Making of a Man" now available on CD.