Why Country Living – Audio


Do you desire to walk with God like Enoch did? Do you long to see your children growing up untainted by today’s degenerate morality and able to make a difference for good in the world? God’s original plan for our homes is still His ideal.

Country living, while not a solution to our problems, is a powerful tool to quiet down our lives that we may gain a vital, enduring connection with the One Who has all the solutions we need.

Discover how country living provides not only a veil of protection and an ark of safety from what is soon to come upon this earth, but also is God’s prescription for developing true spirituality.

This series also explores the practical side of country living to help you identify what makes up a perfect setting for your family, how to avoid certain real estate pitfalls, what to do next, and how to prepare to move.

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Message Titles:

Disc 1: Another Ark to Build
Disc 2: God’s Prescription for Moses
Disc 3: Country Living – God’s Veil of Protection
Disc 4: Country Living – Our Story
Disc 5: The Perfect 10 – Minus 3
Disc 6: What to do Next plus Planning and Preparing for the Move