Escaping Back to God – ebook


Jim’s newest book was born out of 70 years of life experiences in his honest search for that walk with God as Enoch possessed. If you want to cut through the chase and learn in a short period of time what took Jim a long period of time, this book is for you! As all his books, this is extremely practical in delivery.

We are not who we think or profess we are–nor what the logo over our church door declares. We all need to go back to the simplicity of Genesis 1:1, “In the beginning God.” He was, He is, and He’s there for you!

We need to get back to God being the One in charge of our lives, not just knowing about Him or being knowledgeable about His Word. We need to personally KNOW Him like the branch connected to the Vine, and be empowered to live above the pull of our flesh In Him. When we honestly and practically find this, then we’ll have ‘Power’ to not only live what we profess, but to truly change the world! You are about to enter a forever life-changing experience!

Dare to practically implement these eleven chapters, and I guarantee you will never be the same again! Not in your marriage, not in your family, or in your influence upon your church and the world about you!





Chapter Titles
1 Escaping Back to God
2  Going Under God
3  Come Walk With Me
4  God’s Gentle Whispers
5 Yearly Refreshing’s
6 The Devil’s Treadmill
7 The Church of the 7,000
8 Breaking Silence
9 Taming the Lions
10 Finishing Your Race
11 Touch A Life