Oh No, It’s Sabbath Again – Book


Help for the beleaguered homemaker!

Does getting and keeping your home in order seem like an unattainable task? Does your clutter accumulate faster than you can pick it up? Is your home reasonably clean, but you’d like some new ideas for improving the order? Does the weekly burden of getting the house “in order” for the Sabbath make the day of “rest and gladness” one of “stress and sadness”?

In Oh No, It’s Sabbath Again, Young offers practical guidance for home maintenance and organization that actually make Friday the lightest day of the week.

Imagine what it would be like to:

Have Sundays free of housework.
Be always ready for unexpected company
Have everything done by Friday morning so that the rest of the day can be dedicated to family and spiritual preparation for Sabbath.

If you’re sick of the housework blues, this book can help you take control of your home and schedule so that your home becomes a place of rest.



Chapter Titles:
1. Homemaking: What It’s All About
2. The Night Before Is the Key to the Next Day
3. Starting the Day Right
4. Steps to Sabbath Preparation – Starting With Monday
5. Feeling Free by Friday
6. The Real Sabbath Preparation
7. Help for the Working Woman
8. Traditions Make Sabbath Special
9. Help! I’m Having Guests for Sabbath Dinner
10. What About the Children?