Is God Enough -eBook




This is the Ebook version of Is God Enough

In our Christian journey, we finally discover, we need more than just a church, more than just truth, doctrinal purity, or outreach. We discover it is more than a lifestyle change, or family and friends, more than social get togethers. We need a POWER to live inside of us, that we learn to say YES to all the time, to transform us into a new person, a born again, God-governed follower of Jesus Christ.

This level of Christian intensity and intimacy is indeed rare and almost extinct today, but God calls us all to it. Truly, this should be the pursuit of our lives … a diligence in searching for that which was lost in Eden. One-on-one with God! This and this only can satisfy the longing of our hearts.

Chapter Titles
1. Is God Enough?
2. Escaping Captivity
3. Family First Focus
4. An Albino Squirrel
5. I Belong to God
6. Jesus and Something Else
7. A Vital Connection
8. Absolute Commitment
9. Sound of Silence
10. Pass it On!