Walking With God – Video


This series is a must to help you understand the difference between walking with God—in our human will power alone but failing miserably … Or walking with God In and Through Christ and experiencing power and success with our choices and changes.

The Fairy Wand experience reveals where many of us find ourselves. We are waiting for God to change our characters, our feelings, emotions, and habits in some miraculous way without our choices; and wondering “what’s wrong with God”.

While in reality, God is waiting for us to come to Him that we may have His power to live His Will and show that by our choices, our yielding and surrendering to cooperate to Do His will. When we surrender to do what’s right we are giving Him permission to dwell in us and bring His Divine power to attend our human effort. Now our thoughts, feelings, habits and character are transformed. For without our cooperation, all the transforming power of heaven is neutralized. He will not force against our will and actions. Be redeemed and live above the pull of your flesh.

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Message Titles 

Message 1: The Fairy Wand Experience
Message 2: Union & Communion
Message 3: God Wants All
Message 4: Walking With God
Message 5: Empowerment to Surrender
Message 6: Will You Let Jesus Rule?