Come Walk With Me – Book


Are you caught in a maze?

Do you find yourself running in circles-opening doors that advertise fulfillment only to find them empty? Maybe you’re drowning in trouble and have lost the joy in your journey. You’re going through all the right motions, but something is missing.

That was Jim Hohnberger’s experience-until he found the naked gospel. Then everything began to change. He learned how to hear God calling and what to do when God seems silent. He began to taste the freedom of a focused life and entered into the dual responsibility that captures genuine purpose. He found God’s power liberating him to be the individual he was designed to be.

He said yes- to the same invitation God is extending to you: Come, Walk With Me!



Chapter Titles:
1. The Maze
2. The Issue
3. The Naked Gospel
4. God Calling
5. “Come, Walk With Me”
6. Drowning in Trouble
7. A Focused Life
8. Joy in Your Journey
9. When God Seems Silent
10. The Dual Responsibility
11. Walk in Your Integrity