Men of Power – Book


Being a real man of God today is a proposition fraught with difficulties. Building on and expanding our popular CD series, The Making of a Man, Men of Power delves deeper into the crux issues that face every man.

Comments received from the field go like this: Tremendous applications…Extremely practical… Speaks to the heart of every man in America…No fluff or rhetoric…Strikes at the core of the issues men deal with daily…I don’t want to put it down or have it end…The simple as well as the intellectual can understand it…

If you are a man or are growing into a man…if you are related to a man or are a friend to a man, Men of Power: Reclaiming Your Legacy offers something for you! Don't put it off! Order it today!



Chapter Titles:
Section 1. Regaining Your Personal Heritage
1. In Search Of Men
2. A Real Man
3. The Myth
4. Empowerment

Section 2. Restoring Your Relationships
5. Wounding Their Spirits
6. Family First
7. That’s My Man
8. Intimacy: The Byproduct
9. I’m Here for You – Period!
10. Building Men
11. A Friend for Me

Section 3. Defeating the Defeaters
12. Touching the Taboo
13. Jumbled Priorities
14. Men of Power