It’s About People – Book


What’s a conscientious Christian with high biblical and moral standards to do with those who see things differently? Bible-thump them with the truth until they see it our way, right?

That’s how Jim Hohnberger, author of Escape to God and Empowered Living, used to do it. That is, until he received a new view of Jesus’ suffering at the hands of a murderous crowd on the way to Calvary. In a moment of loving rebuke and insight, Jim got the message that there’s more to being a follower of Christ than pointing out error and being right. It’s about people!

In what may be his most important book yet, Jim Hohnberger attempts to reconcile the faith we preach with the gospel we live- when we disagree. With honesty and sincerity born out of his own sometimes painful experiences, Jim shows how Jesus’ attitude and approach toward those who didn’t receive Him, was just as important as the truth He taught.

If you have ever felt the heartache of rejection because you saw things from a different perspective; if you have ever been the one to wound someone else in your zeal to uphold truth; if you value people above policy or politics, this book is for you.




Chapter Titles:
1. It’s About People
2. Issues, Issues, the Issue
3. The Spirit of the Lord, or the Mark of Cain
4. Tinkering, Meddling, and Prescribing
5. Please Understand Me
6. Unity or Uniformity
7. God’s Toolbox
8. Love Without an “If”