Parenting Your Child by The Spirit – Book


If you have a child between the ages of 5 and 12 you probably know what it’s like to have a “tiger by the tail”.  Cute and cuddly one minute, stubborn and sassy the next, children in the formative years can switch from tame to terrible in the blink of an eye. What’s a parent to do?

“Parenting Your Child by the Spirit” is the second in a four-book series by Sally Hohnberger that teaches child-rearing principles from the context with personal time spent with Jesus.  In this deeply spiritual yet very practical book, you’ll meet colorful characters with names like “Sassy Susie”, “Disobedient Danny”, “Lying Larry”, “Slothful Sammy” and “Obedient Ollie”.  You’ll learn that correction rightly done is love.

With numerous examples from her own experience with sons, Andrew and Matthew, Sally offers helpful advice on positive reinforcement, habits, teaching children self- government, the importance of chores and personal worship, setting boundaries, and balancing work and play.  Sally’s advice is born of prayer not pop-psychology.

This book can reveal to single parents, parents who’s children are out of the home (even gone astray), and to grandparents, how they can still influence their children by giving a more personal walk with Christ.

It’s about character development — By the Spirit.




Chapter Titles:
1. Back to the Basics
2. Finding the Treasure
3. The Voice of the Parent
4. The Voice of God
5. Teaching and Training
6. What is Character?
7. Discipline is Discipling
8. Habits
9. Bringing our Habits to Christ
10. Getting the Heart
11. Consequences
12. Positive and Negative Motivations
13. Positive Encouragement
14. My Childs Will
15. Self-Government
16. Useful Labor
17. Balance
18. Importance of a Schedule
19. A Childs best Friend
20. Developing Character
21. The Parents’ Faith