Revitalize Your Marriage – Audio


It’s what every woman longs for, every man desires, and every couple dreams of. It conjures up feelings of security, companionship, intimacy, and Oneness … You see it is in the eyes of the leading man and the leading woman in old movies—the fantasy that two can be one—Irresistibly One!
In reality, it’s not a fantasy. It’s God’s design. Why then is marriage so often anything but irresistible? It comes down to two simple principles spelled out long ago by the Designer of marriage. Ignore them and become one of the sad statistics. Apply them and experience a new power working in your life and marriage.
Jim and Sally use real-life stories to share how two simple principles can empower your marriage—whether you want to take it from good to better, rescue it from the rocks, or move it off dead center. Or if you’re not married, these principles will help you build an irresistible marriage from the start.
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Message Titles
Message 1: Two Simple Principles
Message 2: Who is the One?
Message 3: Focused on Her
Message 4: Focused on Him
Message 5: Extravagant Love